Saturday 11 May 2013

The Man from Hong Kong

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The Man from Hong Kong

Herald Correspondent

THE number two man in the police force here has been tipped to head the police force in a "transitional" Rhodesia,

He is Deputy Commissioner Roy Henry (50) who is regarded as an expert in fighting terrorism.

A Government spokesman here confirmed that proposals for a senior Hong Kong policeman to be transferred to head the force in Rhodesia were being discussed.

Mr Henry joined the Malaysian police force aa a cadet officer in 1948 and served there throughout the emergency.

He later headed the special branch in the Malaysian State of Sarawak and was Jiji's police chief before its independence,

Mr Henry has refused to comment.


Source: Rhodesia Herald November 23, 1977 newspaper, made available to ORAFs from Rob Picton (Intaf)

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