Saturday, 20 April 2013

Carlton Hotel Menu - January 1963


ORAFs has endeavoured, to establish the owner of this scanned menu, to no avail, this results in ORAFs not being able to record its thanks to the owner. Nevertheless, who ever it is/was, thank you.

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Ref. Rhodesian

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At 15 May 2013 at 14:06 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Bill Teague (SAAF abd RCAF) Writes:-

What a wonderful global family you have created with ORAFS. It enlightens every day......

The Carlton Hotel prices for “To-Days Suggestions” menu is an eye popper and a scream. Can you believe it, Grilled sirloin steak for R1.15.... and now 50 years later I had a sandwich at our local airport cafe yesterday which cost C$14, at to-days exchange rate that is R126.....yikes

Thanks for the memories..........


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