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Rhodesia can exploit high price for tin

 Sunday Mail Reporter

RHODESIA could cash in on a spectacular rise in the world price of tin — $3 500 to more than $8 300 a tonne — by stepping up production, Mr. Nick Cambitzis, chairman of the Industrial  Development Corporation said yesterday.
Mr Cambitzis, who is also chairman of Kamativi Tin Mines Ltd, was speaking soon after returning from a  six- day international conference on tin attended by 6000 delegates at La Paz, Bolivia.
He was there at the invitation of the Bolivian Minister of Mines. Mr. Cambitzis said prices had been depressed for some time due to America's sales of the metal from its strategic stockpile.

"At one stage this stood at 400 000 tonnes, but it is now half that and despite great pressure from  everyone in the market, America has stopped selling.
"Consequently there is now a shortage and prices have gone up." Mr. Cambitzis said that although there  had been delays due to staff and other problems, ore from a new $2 million shaft at Kamativi, 50 km east of Wankie, would soon be going to the mill to take advantage of the higher prices.

One advantage of Rhodesian tin ore over much of that mined elsewhere in the world was that it was relatively free of impurities, making it easier to refine, he said.

By comparison Bolivia, the world's second largest tin producer, had far greater refining problems. One refinery he had visited had cost $100 million to build.
Mr. Cambitzis also visited a tin mine high in the Andes. He said:
"The 100 km trip along hairpin mountain roads took four hours. I don't think I've ever been so scared in  my life."

Source: Sunday Mail 27th November, 1977 newspaper made available by Rob Picton (Intaf)
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