Wednesday 6 June 2012

They got it wrong!

By John Moore

Princess Elizabeth, They got it wrong!
On numerous occasions throughout the spectacular Jubilee celebrations, the BBC - followed by Sky News and CNN, all reported on the then Princess Elizabeth making her now-famous speech on her 21st Birthday, in which she dedicated her life, whether it be long or short, to performing her duty....

They all made mention that the speech had been made in Cape Town, South Africa - but this was not correct: they all got it wrong! 

The speech had been pre-recorded in the gardens of the Victoria Falls Hotel, Rhodesia, with the thunder of the mighty Falls clearly heard in the background. 

This was the era before TV broadcasting, and the film footage was made by Pathe News, to be flown to London for screening in cinemas there, and throughout the Empire and its Commonwealth to mark the Birthday of the Heir Apparent. 

Princess Elizabeth was back in South Africa at the time of her Birthday, but there was no broadcast made on that day... 

Ask her!


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