Monday 31 May 2010

First TAP Jumbo Jet Pays a Visit

The latest version of the Jumbo Jet, the 747B, was seen for the first time in Rhodesia when TAP—only the second world airline to buy the model—diverted it from Johannesburg to Salisbury to pick up 160 Rhodesians on September 1, 1972 to take advantage of the off-season fares to Europe.

From the beginning of November, Rhodesians will be able to take advantage of a daylight Jumbo flight which TAP will operate every Saturday from Johannesburg to Lisbon, and which is expected to prove extremely popular.

Recompiled from the Rhodesian Commentary Vol. 6 No. 19 Dated September 1972, for use on ORAFs, which was made available by Diarmid Smith. Thank you Diarmid


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