Thursday 22 August 2013

Eveline High School (Bulawayo) -Tennis 1961

Back Row (left to right) : J. GRIMES, L. EVERED. P. WALKDEN (Captain), H. VAN DEN HEEVER, L. PATTTSOB
Front Row (left to right) : E. KUTTNER, Y. SMITH, A. BENSON.

During the first term only five matches were played. Those played by the 1st team against Jameson, Roosevelt, Chaplin, were won and those against Townsend and Queen Elizabeth were lost. This term we beat Roosevelt a second time and are looking forward to playing Jameson again. The 2nd team was very successful and lost only one match.

In the Matabeleland Championships Pat Walkden won both the Under 16 and Under 18 singles. She also won the Under 18 girls' doubles, playing with (J. Timms and the Under 18 mixed doubles with J. Bartels. Our congratulations go to Pat for subsequently being chosen to play for Matabeleland.

The 1960 school tennis championships were won by A. Micklesfield, who beat L. Evered, in the senior section and, in the junior section, P. Walkden, who had a walkover as D. Forman was ill. A Micklesfield and P. Walkden beat M. Conradie and M. Nicholson to win the Cosen's doubles trophy.


Source: Eveline High School Manual of 1961 which was made available by Lewis Walter.

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