Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lundi River in Flood

By Nick Baalbergen

You have previously included the 1974 photo as a part of the story on 'strip roads'.

I thought it might be of interest to compare similar photos, 46 years apart. The 1928 photo was apparently taken shortly after the low level bridge was completed.
Lundi River in Flood 1928
Lundi River in Flood 1974
Hope you enjoyed the photographs.


Thanks Nick for sharing your photographs and memories with ORAFs.

Lundi River, river in southeastern Zimbabwe rising at Gweru in the Highveld and flowing southeast to Hippo Valley at the confluence with the Shashe River in the Middleveld. It continues across the Lowveld and joins the Sabi River near the Chivirigo (Chivirira) Falls at the Mozambique border, after a course of 260 miles (418 km), to form the Save River. Among the Lundi’s great network of tributaries are the Ingezi, Tokwe, Mtilkwe, and Chiredzi rivers. In its upper reaches the river is arrested by Gwenora Dam, and its lower section is incorporated into the Sabi-Limpopo Irrigation Project.


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