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Above: "At Salisbury Airport to meet the One- Eleven were Mr. M. Stuart-Shaw, Chief Executive, Central African Airways (right) and Captain M. O'Donovan. Operations Manager, Central African Airways (left). They are seen here talking to  Captain Roy Radford of BAC."

A BAC One-Eleven twin jet aircraft, G-ASJA, under the command of British Aircraft Corporation experimental test  pilot, Captain Roy Radford, visited Salisbury on January 18th, en route for Johannesburg.

During its three-week stay in Johannesburg, the aircraft, the first to visit Southern Africa, undertook a special flight  programme designed to measure the performance of the One-Eleven and its two rear mounted Rolls Royce Spey engines at airport altitudes and ground temperatures much higher than those experienced in Europe where the greater part of the certification programme was completed

The BAC One-Eleven will go into service with Central African Airways and its associate airlines, Air Malawi, Air Rhodesia and Zambia Airways, in the autumn of this year, and will operate between Rhodesia, Zambia, Malawi, Mocambique, South and East Africa.

The One-Elevens on order by CAA will cruise at 550 m.p.h. and carry 74 passengers.

Airlines who have so far ordered the BAC One-Eleven include, American Airlines, Braniff, British United, Mohawk. Aer Lingus, Kuwait and Philippine Air Lines
The BAC One-Eleven at Salisbury Airport en route to Johannesburg for Tropical Trial tests. 18.1.65.

Source: Inter Africa - Feb. 1965 After UDI on 11.11.65, the BAC was prevented by the application of sanctions from delivering the aircraft ordered to Rhodesia!

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