Friday 9 November 2012

Vic Mackenzie Artwork : Secret Talks

"Well, they're not going cloud-seeding. That I do know."

Sunday Mail December 7, 1974 The Rhodesian and South African Governments were in secret talks with the Ters. The media were not allowed to report on these (secret) talks being held in strange African countries. The newspapers were not allowed to print stories but I guess they had forgotten about the cartoonist who could draw those cheeky pictures.

"I see they've brought their coffee tasters along with them"

Sunday Mail July 6, 1975  Again secret talks with the Ters. They had to use Jumbo jets to transport all the entourage of the Ter delegations. Some things never change. We should have seen this coming a mile away.


Cartoons made available to ORAFs by Vic Mackenzie. Thank you Vic.

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