Sunday 11 November 2012

Congratulations Within C.A.A.

 Beulah Bothma, Lavinia Pheiffer and June Sinnott on their engagements.
 Reg Wyles on becoming Sales Superintendent (C.A.)
 Robin Ruth de la Harpe and Jean Bullen on their marriages.

 By the time this issue appears:
 Joe Shalovsky and Reg Wyles of Sales should be in London attending a B.O.A.C. District Sales Managers' course. We hope that the Central heating is working properly.

 It is good to see Sales Promotion Manager RAY WEEDEN around again following his recent long illness. Welcome back.


Extracted and recompiled by Eddy Norris from the SCAANER of April 1959 which was made available by Dave Vermaak. Thanks Dave
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Ref. Rhodesian Aviation

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