Friday 1 June 2012

The Braai

By Mozbob

I was browsing through an old Rhodesian cartoon book last night published by Rose Rigden (Martin) .

It just reminded me of the fun days we had around those awful rusty 44 gallon drums cut in half with a gungy bit of greasy mesh over the top. ( long before Jetmaster and Cadac or before we could afford such up market devices)

In most cases the coals were at the bottom of the drum, a mammoth distance away from the meat so you normally had had to wait about half an hour for a semi cooked steak, at least it gave you more drinking time. 

Or the wors caught on fire and one wasted precious beer putting it out. .

And worst of all in those unsophisticated braai days were the braai forks made out of a bit of twisted fencing wire, as you gently managed to prod the steak with one tang of the wire and delicately bring it towards your bun, it inevitably fell off half way into the dirt. 

Never mind, we washed off the grit with few splodges of lion lager and gobbled away merrily. The cooking results did often vary immensely owing to quaffing beer and talking and not watching the fire. Then ending in harsh words as to who's meat was who's. 

Then the final results went either from a blood dripping steak or to a black cremated sausage.

Those were the days when braais were braais and troubles were few. Fun days!!

Lastly a great comment I found in a South African poitjie cook book for an oxtail poitjie.
The author says that the cooking time could take up to four hours, but he adds "don't fuss as one can drink a lot of dop (drink) in four hours!!"


Thanks to Mozbob for sharing his memories with ORAFs.

ORAFs also records its thanks to Rose Rigden (Martin) who is believed to be in New Zealand. If any has her contact details please let me have it. Thanks

Bob - what about the old zinc baths filled to the brim with ice and one had to put your hand into the freezing water to grope around looking for a drink and then most times it was the wrong bugger.

Attend a Bring 'n Braai at Tony's Hideaway (Home of the AFA (Cape))  in Cape Town, you will see these cartoons characters come alive. 

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