Tuesday 20 March 2012

Aircraft that Served Rhodesia

The under mentioned line drawings represent the various aircraft that served Rhodesia. I believe the original drawings were completed by Cedric Herbert (Photographic Section) and were printed a fairly large poster.

These drawings below come from that poster.

ORAFs has requested if anyone could undertake the drawings to obtail a larger image but sadly noone responded. Looking baclk I am glad it never happened as these can be perhaps be classified as originals.

1, Gloster Gladiator
Gloster Gladiator

2, Hawker Hart
Hawker Hart

3, DH Leopard Moth
DH Leopard Moth

4, DH 89 Dragon Raoide
DH 89 Dragon Rapide

5, DH82A Tiger Moth
DH82A Tiger Moth

6, Avro ANson
Avro Anson

7, Auster 3
Auster 3

8, North American Harvard T-6
North American Harvard T-6

9A, Percival Provost T-55
Percival Provost T-55

10, DH Vampire T11
DH Vampire T-11

11, Supermarine Spitfire Mk 22
Supermarine Spitfire Mk22

12, DH Vampire FB-9
DH Vampire FB-9

13, Douglas C-47 Dakota
Douglas C-47 Dakota

14A, Canadair
Canadair C4 Argonaut

15, Percival Pembroke
Percival Pembroke

16, Beech Baron 55
Beech Baron 55

17, Islander
Britten Norman Islander

18, Hunter
Hawker Hunter FGA-9

19, Canberra
English Electric Canberra B2/T4

20, Genet
Siai Marchetti SF-260

21, Trojan
Lockheed LA-60 Trojan

22, Alouette III
Sud Aviation Alouette III

23, Cessna
Cessna 337 Lynx

25, Cheetah
Bell UH-1 Huey/Cheetah


Thanks to Bill Sykes for making scanned copies of the aircraft available to ORAFs.
All other work completed by Eddy Norris of ORAFs.

Comments are welcome - send them to orafs11@gmail.com


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