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By Mitch Stirling (Air Rhodesia)


I think the identity of the mysterious "Chimbo", who appears in many old 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron photographs, has been revealed.

Alan Harris writes:

"Ivan Chimbo Hulley received an OBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his war services. Ivan was the father of Roy Hulley who sadly lost his life in a Vampire flying accident during the Rhodesian bush war. The other chap in the pic is Johnny MacNamara."

And a wartime report sent by Stan Rogers:

"Flying Officer Ivan Oliver HULLEY (160195) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
On the 25th March 1945 an aircraft crashed into the crew room of a dispersal hut whilst making an attempted forced landing on the airfield at Aston Down. The petrol tank exploded within the hut where a number of ground personnel were changing. Flying Officer Hulley, who was standing nearby, attempted to extricate the pilot from the burning aircraft. Undeterred by the flames and the intense smoke, and fumes from the petrol tank, he continued his efforts until he fainted from the effect of the fumes and had to be pulled away. He acted with extreme promptitude and gallantry and with complete disregard for his own safety, thus setting an excellent example to all who saw him. Leading Aircraftman Miller dashed through the flames into the dispersal hut and rescued an airman who was slightly burned and completely dazed. He then rendered assistance by dragging him away from the flames, and caring for and placing on a stretcher an airwoman who was badly burned. He displayed great, personal courage without thought for his own safety and his prompt action undoubtedly saved one life. Leading Aircraftman Richard Tyldesley MILLER (1110151) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve was awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) for this action."

266 (Rhodesia) Squadron group with Chimbo

Chimbo and the Tiffy

 Chimbo on LHS with Ken Rogers RHS.

 Squadron photo with Ken Rogers and others.

With thanks to Alan Harris and Stan Rogers for the information and photos. 

Postscript: Roy Hulley and my brother George were best friends as youngsters. From the age of 14 they hitchhiked all over southern African − Inyanga, Durban, Malawi. Those were the days when hitchhiking was a safe and respectable thing to do... Remember? 
Roy played Rhodesian U19 rugby and George was the Rhodesian U16 one metre springboard diving champion. Fine young Rhodesians.


Thanks to Mitch, Alan and Stan for sharing their memories and photographs with ORAFs.

It is wonderful (for me, at least,) to learn more and more of the Rhodesian efforts and doings and to know it is being made available to all to see and know. Thanks to all that contribute material for Our Rhodesian Heritage.

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At 5 September 2013 at 11:21 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Frank Fynn (RhArmy)

They were men of men and their fathers were men before them! Great pics!


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