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"Viscounts Flight Heralds New Era"

These were the headlines which followed the opening of our new services to Bulawayo on the 5th January, 1959, when for the first time C.A.A. operated Viscounts between Salisbury and Bulawayo, and Bulawayo and Johannesburg.

A tremendous amount of goodwill towards C.A.A. (Central African Airways) was evidenced by the fact that so many prominent people gave their time to take the flight with us to Bulawayo and back. Our guests included such busy people as the Federal Minister of Transport, Mr. W.A. Eastwood, the Mayors and Mayoresses of Salisbury and Bulawayo, the Presidents of Chambers of Commerce and
Industry, the Postmaster General, travel agents and members of the Press.

The City of Bulawayo itself "went to town" in welcoming the new C.A.A. venture by giving a Civic Luncheon to mark its appreciation, at which 137 guests attended. In his speech at the luncheon, the Mayor of Bulawayo paid a warm tribute to C.A.A. Our Chairman, in his reply, was in his best form and was able to give the pleasing news that we are operating within our subsidy figure.

Arrival, "Viscounts Flight Heralds New Era"

Above: Passenger Attendants SHEILA BUCHANAN and ANN WILLCOCK presented corsages to the lady passengers on arrival at Bulawayo of the first Viscount service.  In this picture Sheila hands Mrs. Pocket her corsage and Ann pins another on Mrs. McNeille's frock

While we cannot say at this stage that the Viscount services into Bulawayo will run at 100% load factors, we are quite sure that there will be many converts back to air travel over the coming months.

Readers will recall that the last time a Viscount visited Bulawayo, we had the honour of carrying Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.


Extracted and recompiled by Eddy Norris, from the C.A.A. magazine "The SCAANER" dated January 1959, which was made available by Dave Vermaak Thank you Dave.

In the original copy the title of this article had VICOUNTS, ORAFs made thee change to VISCOUNT.

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At 4 April 2017 at 10:15 , Blogger david bailie said...

I was there that day, a shift leader I was, I remember Sheila and Ann well - worked with them for about three years - fantastic to find all this - been browsing for hours - thanks for the memeories!


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