Thursday, 12 April 2012

Advert Rhodesian:Rhodesian Air Services

Advert made available by Bryan Jarman (RhAF) from the Federal days (1953 to 1963)

Rhod Air Service, Rhodesian Air Services

Text Reads:-
Embarking for Paradise Island... a Tropic Isle holiday you'll never forget

Come to safe, enchanting Paradise Island. It's the palm clad coral island of your youth with all the conveniences of modern living. Here's safe bathing, exciting fishing, a treasure trove of shells and sea creatures, goggle fishing, and wonderful living. Here's the place for a true family holiday where the children can't come to harm and parents can really relax.

No high-pressure worries

. . . just crystal blue water, serene white beaches, friendly weather, eye- catching food and drink (in the comfortable restaurant and new de luxe bar), and personal service that needs to be experienced to be believed. You stay, in fully-serviced bungalows equipped with electric light, showers and water-borne sanitation. Every bungalow overlooks the ocean. This is PARADISE Island, Pearl of the Indian Ocean. You'll want to return again . . . and again.

Aircraft Depart Salisbury Every Monday and Thursday

Rhodesian Air Services
Throgmorton House,
Kingsway, Salisbury.
P.O. Box 655. Tel.: 28655.
Airport: Tel. 50511.
After Hours: 55445.


Thanks to Bryan for sharing this advert with ORAFs.

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