Tuesday 31 December 2013

The Victoria Falls Hotel Menu - January 20, 1928


Original Menu

Message from Ted Barnard
Attached please find a dinner menu from Victoria Falls Hotel dated 20th June 1928.

As can be seen, this is one of a collection of six souvenir designs. Not sure if all the pictures on the front are of animals or scenery around Rhodesia. It would be interesting if someone who is from that era can enlighten us.

Rhoda Guthrie (mother to Bob and Beverley) ex Umtali has dug this out from her collection of memorabilia.

Rhoda, Bev and her family live here in Johannesburg and Bob is in Phuket.

If only prices were still the same, we could eat out every evening.

Unfortunately due to time and probably a waiters moist fingers the menu is not in the best of conditions, but is readable.

If my memory serves me correctly (old age), the hotel is still operating and I am sure underwent renovations a few years ago.


Thanks to Ted Barnard (UBHS and RHAF) for sharing his memories with ORAFs.

Comments are welcome  please mail me on orafs11@gmail.com.

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