Tuesday 12 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday 2013 - Pt.2

ORAFs has been supported by many photographs of the Remembrance Day Services from different part of the world - a very big thank you to those that sent photographs.

The latest  of photographs received are from Kevin Milligan ( RhAF) and as such I have decided to enter all photos received on the 'Our Rhodesian Heritage' blog to enable all to be in a position to view them.

From Kevin Milligan (RhAF)

This year I was Parade Marshall at the Limerick Service and I was proud to wear my Rhodesian attire and lay a wreath on behalf of Rhodesian Armed Forces!

I also had the honour of saying the Exhortation before the playing of the Last Post in the Church followed by the Kohima Epitaph.

It went well and the rain stayed at bay until after the Parade. 

    Kevin lays the Rhodesian Armed Forces wreath

    Limerick Mayor's address

    President's address. Rhodesian wreath behind

    Parade general view Limerick

    Standard Bearers lead march to Church

    Last Post is played in Church

CESSNOCK - AUSTRALIAFrom Darryl and Maureen Burlin

Thought you may like to see the Wreath we lay, for all Rhodesians.
It started out a cold and wet day, but the sun shone on our parade, which was nice.

Maureen and I are the only two Rhodesian who attend the Remembrance Day Parade here in Cessnock, Australia.

We have done this every year since we have been here (11 years.) We also lay a wreath on ANZACDat and veterans day. Will do so until the end.

TE AWAMUTU - NEW ZEALANDFrom John Graham  (RhArmy) 

 We attended a service at the Te Awamutu, New Zealand, Cenotaph this morning.

Rev Murray Olson (Chaplain RSA), Winston Hart, Danny Hartman,
John Graham, Tony Bramsen

Remembrance Sunday Service 2013 - Pretoria

From John Redfern (Flame Lily Foundation)

 John Writes:-
 Attached is a photo of AVM Chris Dams which appeared on page 4 of The Times newspaper yesterday.

 I suggest you include the caption with the picture, although Chris never said he had served with the RAF. This was the reporter’s abbreviation for Rhodesian Air Force, having interviewed Chris after the ceremony. We are delighted that the South African print media has publicly recognised that Rhodesians remember their War Dead

Former RAF air vice-marshal Chris Dams, representing The Flame Lily Foundation of Rhodesia, at a memorial service at the Union Buildings in Pretoria yesterday, Remembrance Day
 Picture: ALON SKUY

From Ian Jack (RhAF)

Our own little ceremony getting smaller by the year garden of remembrance Westminster Abbey. Rick Singleton Air force colour party. Interesting point Greys scouts colours on show for first time here were recovered from a second hand shop in South Africa recently. Jamie, Tony Rick is a Chaplin old boy.



 U.H.S - Annual Commemoration Service November 1946 - See http://www.ourstory.com/thread.html?t=547251

 Roll of Honour for Umtali -1914 to 1980 - See http://www.ourstory.com/thread.html?t=229002#200130

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