Tuesday 20 August 2013

Eveline High School (Bulawayo) - Swimming 1961

The Inter-House Gala was held in November I960 and resulted in a win for Gladstone with Selborne second. The  main gala results were as follows :

McDonald Inter-House Cup...................................Gladstone
Pearl Carpenter Relay Cup................................... .Selborne
Senior Championship .......................................... ..V. Schofield
Intermediate Championship ....................................D. Sutcliffe
Junior Championship ..............................................L. Schofield
Aitken Cup (100m. crawl) .....................................D. Sutcliffe
Via Diamond (100m. breast) .................................M. Crozier
Morgan Cup (100m. back) ....................................D. Sutcliffe
Lorraine Howell (Open Diving A) ..........................B. Green
B Section Diving ...................................................M. Crozier
Junior Diving .........................................................E. Peach
Muller Life Saving Cup..........................................D. Williams
Daphne Forbes Life Saving Cup ...........................D. Williams

Back Row (left to right): B. MORRIS, B. GREEN, M. REA, L. GLEESON, V. NASH, V. McLEROTH,

Middle Row (left to right): J. CULLEN J. PETERSON, H. SMITH, S. WINNING, T. BOYCE,

Front Row (left to right) : E. WIGGINGTON, S. BRADLEY, F. PRETORIUS, A. DRUMMOND,

In the Matabeleland Inter-Schools Gala, Townsend came first with Eveline second. The Preliminary Trials were held  in Que Que and Townsend again beat Eveline. The four schools qualifying for the final in Salisbury were Townsend, Eveline, Northlea and Chaplin. In the finals G.H.S. Salisbury beat Townsend by one point. Eveline were only able to  take sixth place with Umtali. Eveline broke five of eleven records in the Finals. Congratulations to the following for breaking them :

D. Sutcliffe — 100 yards Back Open A.
M.Rea — 100 yards Crawl Open B and 100 yards Back Open B.
A. Drummond — 50 yards Back Senior B.
Under 15 Crawl Relay team.

In the third term, I960 colours were awarded to V. Schofield and in the 1st term, 1961, to F. Pretorius and A.  Drummond.

In League results, Eveline won the Under 14 and Under 16 sections and came first in the Overall points with Townsend second.

In 1960 a new cup was awarded. It is the Ann Webb Cup for General Proficiency and Progress in Swimming and was  awarded for the first time to V. Schofield.

I wish all girls returning, the best of luck in their swimming.



December, 1960: A. Steyn, H. Stowe, A. Francis, M. Hardy, H. Marshall, S. Schwim, E. Benzon, M. Hellmuth, J. 

Manicom, I. Thompson, K. Karlander, A. Shinn, L. Hyman, B. Lerman, N. Toman, J. Baker, C. Cronje,L. Gass, P. Phillips, I. Wood, B. Graaf E. Mclaughlin, C. Foster, M. McGowan.

April, 1961 : L. Till, C. West, M. Maine, M. Hendry, E. Herbst, J. Eales, D. Penderleith, P. Hirst, P. de Smidt, P.  Eppel, J. Smart, J. White J. Spiller, C. Torpey, E. Winchester, E. Bakkes, L. Hewlett, A. McGowan, J. Staples, S.  Staples, M. Rea.

December, 1960: T. Pollard, D. West, T. van Ryneveld, B. Green, A. Smith, Z. Walker, V. Nash, B. Clegg, L. Wordsworth, M. Fraser G. French, S. Allen, M. Searle Smith, J. Bradley, V. McLeroth, S. Maurice, A. Darlow, W. McLean, L. Gleeson, G. Rudman, J. Welgeinoed, J. Peterson.

April, 1961 : I. Wood, R. White, J. Brodie, H. Barrowman, A. Francis, H. Marshall, M. Hardy, A. Shinn, E. McLoughlin, E. Benzon, D. Miskin, J. Manicon, B. Lerman, L. Hyman, N. Toman, M. Hellmuth, B. Knapp, M. Curry, V. Lindsey, M. Rossou, A. Wavland, B. Graff, C. Foster, F. Pretorius, N. McDonald, M. McGowan, L. Schofield.

December, 1960: K. Blizard, T. Francis, E. John, L. Borland, C. John, M. Gibson, J. Blowers, G. Hulett, J. Coupe, M. Cloete, J. Maurice, Y. Smith, H. Smith, V. Schofield.

April, 1961 : S. Maurice, W. Maclean, L. Gleeson, D. West, B. Green, V. Nash, B. Clegg, G. French.

December, 1960: J. Maurice, S. Evans, A. Hellmuth, D. Chamberlain, V. Schofield.

April, 1961 : V. Schofield, M. Buckley, J. McNeill, L. Meyer, Z. Walker, S. Maurice, E. John.

December, 1960: T. Boyee, A. Drummond, V. Schofield.
April, 1961 : V. McLeroth, H. Smith.


Source: Eveline High School Manual of 1961 which was made available by Lewis Walter.

Extracted and recompiled by Eddy Norris for sole use on Our Rhodesian Heritage Blog which ORAFs administers.

Comments are always welcome, please mail them to Eddy Norris at orafs11@gmail.com 
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Ref. Rhodesia

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At 24 September 2013 at 12:21 , Blogger Unknown said...

Re that "new cup" that was awarded in 1960 - the Ann Webb cup for "General Proficiency and Progress in Swimming" - Ann was an SA national champion swimmer and, while competing in the junior division, swam faster times than the senior champion Joan Harrison who won gold at the Helsinki Olympics.
Ann was also my mother, and I was coincidently born in the same year as the cup - 1960 - and also went on to display some "proficiency & progress in swimming" by swimming the English Channel in 2007.
Andy Pfaff
see also www.andypfaff.co.za for English Channel swim blog

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