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Alderman R.L. Phillips - Mayor Salisbury Rhodesia

By Glyn Hall

The advert for The Art Printing Works  from 1936. refers

Why it was of interest was because my Grandfather was the owner of it, having bought a controlling share in it in 1919! He was Robert Lawrence Phillips and was also the mayor of Salisbury in 1930/1931.
Alderman R.L. Phillips - Mayor Salisbury Rhodesia 1930.

I am attaching a couple of photographs of him - one in his mayoral garb and the other is on the steps of Salisburys Town House (1934) - he is on the left with my grandmother, middle is the Mayor, Reid Rowland and Prince George. Out of interest, my mother dug the 1st sod of the Town House when they built it. Also Phillips Ave which ran off 2nd Street was named after my grandfather and Lorna Avenue (in Mabelreign) after my mother. The photograph is the 'new' Art Printing Works is from 1934 with the decorations celebrating Prince Georges visit.
Art Printing Works circa 1934
HRH Prince George 1934     

Art Printing Works circa 1930
I have also included some articles from 1938 and the 1940's.

You previously ran some photos of my Dad, Jack Hall who was written up in the Pride of Eagles & was in the Southern Rhodesian Air Force at the beginning of the 39/45 war - interesting little story from the Rhodesia Herald about him shooting a lion while driving home! Imagine what would happen today?

The other rather tatty articles are from 1943 and 1948 about my grandfather.

Column which my mother got at a function in their honour on 14/09/1930. 

Rhodesia Herald Newspaper 1 Feb 1943.

 My great grandfather was Herbert Phillips and he was something to do with the Rudd Concession who went to see Lobengula in 1888 to see if the land that became "Rhodesia" was worth it. He started the Beatrice gold mine in Rhodesia in 1890 - from what records I have he was the "South African Inspector of Gold Mines".

Don't know if this is of interest to you but when I saw the Art Picture Works and it got me digging!

Alderman R. L. Phillips

Popular and Much Loved Public Man

IT is an indication of his character that Mr. R.. L. Phillips, J.P., frequently spoken of as " dear old Bob." That  does not mean that he is not a fighter. He is. But he always directs his attacks towards policies not persons.

In the long course of his public life he has has many opponents but not enemies. If " Bob " Phillip fought a cause  this antagonists knew that he believes in it but his strong blows were directed towards what he was convinced were  the weak points in the arguments of the other side not towards the individual supporting the other view.

He gave 22 years' service on the Town Council, including a period as Mayor, and It was Inevitable that he should be  selected among the first to be honoured with the title of alder- man. His farewell to the Council in 1941 was made  the occasion for a special meeting at which other tributes were  were paid to various aspects of  the life and character, and a presentation was made to him Mr.. O. P. Wheeler the then Mayor, said Mr. Phillips had achieved a record In Municipal service as a councillor.

Several ex-Mayors spoke and Mr. Reid Rowland said Mr. Phillips had been an outstanding member. Mr. J. E. Stone spoke of 'the strong position Mr. Phillips held in the estimation of the public.


The Hon. J. H. Smit, a former Town Councillor and then Minister of Finance, expressed his appreciation of the. influence "R.L." exercised. He had done a great deal to make Council meetings pleasant and had always urged the  adoption of the reasonable attitude .

"Mr. Phillips is a fine man who has done line work and assisted greatly in the development of the town," sad Mr. J.  Elsworth, whilst Mr. L,. B. Fereday believed there was no man more loved by the people of Salisbury who had placed  him higher in the polls than any other Councillor.

Mr. N. A. Phillip referred to his personal debt for the encouragement Mr. Phillips had given him and to the work he had done in the building up of a tradition of integrity and disinterested public service.


Col. D. McDonald added anecdotes of the time when "Bob" was a great horseman and, as the newest councillor, Mr. A. N. Gibb proposed the health of the guest who, he said, wan leaving the Council with a great record.

In his reply Alderman Phillips revealed a phase of his character when he said the tributes paid reminded him of when he was a small boy, and his mother told someone he was good. She did not know half of what he had done  when she was not there.

In summarising his policy for the Council, he said they must get good men, pay them well and keep them. "Bob"  Phillips was born in Nottingham in September, 1869, and finished his education at the Nottingham University. He  was intensely Interested in mining and travelled far in India, Germany, U.S.A. and South Africa.

He was interested in coal and gold mining, in commercial work, and even served a period as a cowboy and,  traditionally, sold newspapers in the streets of Denver.

He arrived in Umtali in 1897 and took up mining work which carried him to a considerable number of properties, such as the Alliance, Asp, Lily, Speculator, Amazon, Left Bower, Joker, Kimberley Reef and Kingsley. He worked as a distributor and also as manager, finishing mining as manager for the Indarama G.M. Co.'s Butter- fly Mine and  Cecil claim, Hartley district.

He then turned his attention to commerce. In 1919 he bought an interest in the Art Printing Works and during his  period as manager the business grew from employing- five white employees to fifty-five.


He was the first Rhodesian Mayor to use an aeroplane officially, travelling with Mr. R. L. Pollett, Town Clerk, to  Bulawayo to attend the unveilling ceremony of the statue in memory of Sir Charles Coghlan. Mr. Pollett sent the  gold chain by train as air service was not regarded as reliable in those days.

BTW: Robert Phillips was my Granddad not my Dad!)

He was also the first Mayor to use the Beam Station on an occasion when he sent greetings to the Mayor of  Salisbury, Eng- land, receiving a reply in less than an hour.

His daughter, Miss Lorna Phillips, dug the first sod of the present Town House.

His life has covered many activities, in all of which he showed energy and enthusiasm. In his early days in coal  mining he was dissatisfied and studied mining generally, obtaining honours which qualified him for important  posts in Rhodesia.


When he first arrived at Umtali, mining opportunities were few, but rather than be idle he sank most of the wells in  the present Umtali, and even became a master builder to the extent of putting up wood and iron shanties. In the  following year, on the advice of the late Mr. E. A. Begbie, he came to Salisbury.

He was . always a hard worker, and his final successes were undoubtedly due to his industry and enthusiasm,  which drove him to work a dozen hours a day and sometimes even sixteen. But through it all he maintained a level  head, believed in the power of sweet reasonableness and gave freely of his time and' money for the social  advancement of the citizens.

Source: The Sunday Mail dated 28/11/1948

The End

Another story:-
I am not sure if it is mentioned in those articles but in the 1890s he had finished a building some way out of Umtali  and was returning to the town on a bicycle along a path through Christmas Pass when he was confronted by a large  lion. He wasn't armed but fancied himself as a singer (he was the male solo in the local choir) so he started  singing a hymn at the top of his voice and evidently the lion bolted into the bush in fright!

Just another note of history - my mother was instrumental in the planting of the palm trees which went down the centre of Kingsway - I think they changed the name of Kingsway to something else but the palms endure. I seem to recall it was Samora Machel?

The autograph book started in the mid 1800 goes all the way through to the end of Rhodesia and the last signatures are Ian and Janet Smith and Clifford and ; Armenell duPont.


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At 20 August 2013 at 08:53 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Mike McGeorge Writes:-
Interesting to read about Salisbury Mayor, R. Phillips, and to read he was at one time the Manager of the Inderama G.M. Co operating the Butterfly Mine in Hartley.

My brother John McGeorge, and Bob Palmer-Owen put up a three stamp mill and james table on the site of the Butterfly whilst doing clean ups, in 1957, when gold was 12 pounds an oz!

Also I took the wedding photos of Clifford du Pont and Armanell shortly after the RF won their election. I do recollect that Armanell was an air hostess with BOAC, Capt Alan McAfee of CAA remembered her from his previous job. Perhaps someone could confirm this? Just some small anecdotes, have old cine of the stamp mill on the mine, also some cine of John Senior,s plane being pulled out of the umfuli river after he lost his life lowflying near the old Senior mine, Chip Kay,s sister was also killed. My brother and I had a bachelor mess renting from Mrs Senior, on Cul na Green on the Widdecombe Rd, on the left just past that Garage at the top of the road before Parkmeadowlands. Not far from the old Cranborne Hostel, where most immigrants found themselves as accomadation was very short. Please note I wasn,t Air Rhodesia as you mention after my name, but my association with the CAA pilots, I was assistant secretary to the Pilots Association of Central Africa, PACA, for 15 years, Alan McAfee was the editor of the PACA magazine, The pilots used to have their monthly meetings as my brother John and I had a photographic studio in Dalmatia House, next to Bradlows, cnr 2nd St and Speke, where we had a spare room for their deliberations. Consequently knew just about all the pilots, especaially on the council, during CAA days.


At 12 April 2014 at 13:09 , Blogger SteveJD said...

Herbert Phillips is my wife's great great grandfather and we have tried to research his background as their are many myths associated with the Phillips. I would be doubtful that he was involved with the Rudd Concession and if he was involved with the Beatrice Gold Mine, I would guess it was after its start.
He was in India as a mine manager from 1889 to 1896 when he left for South Africa and by 1903 he was back in England. Beyond that, any facts have proved elusive to us and other researchers.
The above information about my wife's great grand uncle is very interesting and it is great to see that Rhodesian history at a personal level is being maintained.
As regards Mike's comments, I was also told that Armanell Dupont had been an air hostess. I worked for a prospecting company on a farm close to their's in the Featherstone area and had the pleasure of meeting them with our hosts who were pretty certain of this story.
Steve Deacon

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At 15 November 2019 at 00:13 , Blogger SteveJD said...

Although much of the information is correct there are a couple of myths. Herbert Phillips had nothing to do with the Rudd Concession. A George Phillips (no relation) was involved with the Leask Concession which was superceded by the Rudd Concession. Secondly, Herbert Phillips did not start the Beatrice Mine. This was started by Frank Johnson in 1895 and was named after Beatrice Borrow, his partner's sister.

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At 31 January 2021 at 12:30 , Blogger Derek White said...

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At 31 January 2021 at 21:41 , Blogger Derek White said...

Herbert Phillips is my great, great, great grandfather. He was the manager of Indian Gold Mines in Nadgharni Devala, India. His second daughter Maud (by his second wife) married Jack Rowley who founded the Kanyemba gold mine near Kwe Kwe but when she arrived there in about 1903 with her two kids (Sunny, my great, great grandmother, and Bert) she found he had several local wives and kids so kicked him and them all out. She later set up a hotel in Kwe Kwe and then bought one in Durban. WW1 broke out as they arrived in India on a world cruise so they stayed there for the war and Sunny married Charles Ramsay, an army doctor from Belfast. Sunny was a real character, had 4-5 husbands and rebuilt the Christmas Pass hotel. I have some photos of Herbert Phillips in India, not sure if I can post them here but get in touch if you want them. My elderly cousin remembers hearing of an "Elephant" Phillips who was George Arthur Phillips (in Rhodesia 1862-1890) who may have been related to Herbert.

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At 2 August 2021 at 18:00 , Blogger Glyn Hall said...

Be interested to make contact. Herbert was my great grandfather. I am based in Suffolk, UK. My email is glynhall at iafrica dot com.

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At 9 January 2022 at 14:01 , Blogger Gilly said...

I have read the information on Herbert and Robert Lawrence Phillips with interest.
Herbert Phillips was my Great Grandfather, born 2 February 1845 at Ilkeston, Derbyshire and baptised 16 July 1845 Primitive Methodist, Ilkeston Circuit, Derbyshire.

His parents were John Phillips who had married Mary Hutchinson 15 August 1825 at Ilkeston. They had a total of 10 children, including Herbert as the 9th child. I have more information on their ancestry going back to late 18th century. Mary and John Phillips are buried at Stanton Road Cemetery Ilkeston and have a large metal memorial there:
In Affectionate Remembrance of John Phillips, born at Eastwood, Notts, September 10th 1803, died at Ilkeston May 22nd 1880. Fifty years a member of the Primitive Methodist Connection.
Also of Mary, his wife, born March 17th 1806, died March 7th 1883, also many years a member of the PM. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.
Herbert Phillips married Frances Bircumshaw at Cotmanhay, Derbyshire, 27 February 1865 and went on to have 6 children:
1865 Walter Hugh: born Eastwood, Notts
1867 Henry Clarence: born Ilkeston, Derbyshire
1869 Robert Lawrence: born Newthorpe, Notts
1871 George Frederick: born Eastwood, Notts
1875 Maud: born Newthorpe, Notts
1877 Charles Algernon: born Kimberley, Notts
Herbert starrted work in the local coal mines working his way to become a Colliery Manager, living at Gilt Hill, eastwood.
December 1885 Herbert's wife, Frances, died. He married his 2nd wife, my Great Grandmother Annie Elizabeth West around 1888, though I have never found a place or date for their marriage. However, a notice for her death on 13 April 1901 is registered in Zimbabwe showing Herbert Phillips as her husband and her parents as Edward and Annie West.
Herbert and Annie were living in Madras (Tamil Nadu when their daughter, Annie Bertha Josephine Phillips was christened at St Stephen's Church, Ootacamund, on 3 April 1890. She had been born 18 August 1889 and her birth is listed as born in India, British Citizen, in later UK censuses.
Herbert was Manager of a gold mine located at Nagharni Devala near Ootacamund.
I have a photograph, probably taken around 1891 showing the family with friends in front of a house located in what looks like a very dusty flat area. I think this is probably somewhere in Africa, rather than Ootacamund which is said to be a green, hilly area.
13 April 1901 Herbert's wife and mother of Annie Bertha Josephine died in Salisbury, Rhodesia (see above). Annie Bertha Josephine had already returned to England as she is living with her step-sister Maud Rowley (Maud Phillips who had married John Robert Rowley) and family for the census taken on April 1901.
Family anecdote suggests that Annie Bertha Josephine lived with various aunts and cousins. The story she told my mother, her daughter, was that Annie West was the love of Herbert's life and his only wife ... and also that he had died in Africa.
In fact Herbert had married his 3rd wife, Martha, by the time he signed his will on 4th November 1903 at Folkestone. Anecdote from a descendant of one of Herbert's other children suggests that he married Martha "to look after the children".
March 1904 Herbert signed and gave his daughter Annie Bertha Josephine a bible.
Herbert Phillips died at Smedley's Hydropathic establishment in Matlock on 13 May 1904 at 59 years of age. He died of chronic pulmonary disease, asthma, cardio vascular disease and cardiac failure. His son Henry Phillips was in attendance and his body was buried alone at Knapp Avenue, Eastwood cemetery:
In Loving Memory of Herbert Phillips, Who Passed Away May 12th 1904, Aged 59 years. Until the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee Away.

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