Wednesday 3 July 2013

B.S.A.P Rugby Football XV. Winners of the "Lawson Shield" 1926

By Stretch Merrington (RhAF)

Looking at the photo, the chap sitting with the rugby ball on his lap is my God-father and team captain; Jack Collard. Sitting on his right is my father, Trooper. K. C. Merrington.


Thanks to Stretch for sharing his photograph and memories with ORAFs.

Does anyone have information on the "Lawson Shield"?

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Winners of The Lawson Shield (Salisbury) 

Back Row: Troopers Gallimore, Bridger, Burne. Constable Robinson. Troopers Gordon. Long, and Constable O'Reilly.

 Centre Row: Trooper Betts, Constables Cluff, Taylor, Smith, Troopers Brown and Booth, and Constable Elley

 Front Row: Cpl. Belton, Maj. J. S. Morris (Commissioner), Sgt. Charles, Lt. H. G. Seward and Capt. J. M. Parr

 On ground: Constable Arthur and Trooper Walshaw.


Extracted from J de L Thompson's "Rhodesian Sport" Page 180. Lawson Shield was a Salisbury interclub competition, presented by Deputy Mayor James Lawson in 1912. Material made available to ORAFs by Fred Punter (B.S.A.P.) Thanks Fred. Thanks also to Chris Driver for his assistance
Winners of this Shield
1910-1912 - Salisbury
1913 - Alexandra
1914 - Salisbury
1921 - Salisbury
1922-25 - Alexandra
1926 - B.S.A.P.
1927 - Salisbury
1928-29 - Alexandra
1930 - B.S.A.P.
1931 - Salisbury
1932 - Alexandra
1933 - Salisbury
1934 - B.S.A.P.

Ref. Rhodesia

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