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Locomotives of Rhodesia Railways

Mail train to Salisbury departing Mpopoma

Foreword by Mr. R. A. H. Baxter, Chairman, Rhodesia Railways Historical  Committee.

This flne collectionof photographs and diagrams of locomotives has been published by the  Rhodesia Railways' Historical Committee in the hope that it will stimulate interest n Rhodesia' own Railways.

There are three main typos of locomotives operating on Rhodesia Railways; " Straight," " Garratt" and " Diesel," and all are depicted from the smallest to the largest, The standard of operating efficiency of those steam and dlesel locomotives has been very high, resulting In a very low maintenance demand. Rhodesia Railways' steam locomotives form one of tie few first class fleets remaining In tho world today.

The Railways, as the Country's lifeline have played and important part In the development of Rhodesia and, if the plans of the Historical Committee materialise, there will be a Rhodesia Railways Museum built In Bulawayo to preserve this  facet of Rhodesia's history for all time.

The Railway locomotive of today still holds a place of great interest and enthusiasm for many and therefore it is hoped sincerely that this booklet will give pleasure to all who view it.


2'-0" Gauge Locomotive

Small Class Locomotive

Small Class Locomotive

6th Class Side Tank Locomotive

7th Class Locomotive

8th Class Locomotive

9th Class Locomotive

9A Class Locomotive

9B Class Locomotive

10th Class Locomotive

11th Class Locomotive

11A Class Locomotive

12th Class Locomotive

12B Class Locomotive

19th Class Locomotive

19C Class Condenser Locomotive
13th Class Garratt Locomotive

14th Class Garratt Locomotive

14A Class Garratt Locomotive

15th Class Garratt Locomotive.

16th Class Garratt Locomotive

16A Class Garratt Locomotive

17th Class Garratt Locomotive

20A Class Garratt Locomotive

DE 1 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive

DE2 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive

DE 3 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive

DE 4 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive

DE 6 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive

Diesel Railcar DR 1

End of Publication

All photographs and drawings are copyrighted to Rhodesia Railways and National Railways of Zimbabwe.
Thanks to the above for the use of their material.

Source. Booklet Locomotives of Rhodesia Railways which was made available to ORAFs by Bruce Harrison. Thanks Bruce

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At 7 June 2013 at 09:45 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Mike Hamence (RhAF) Writes:-

There was a freight train from Umvuma to Gwelo which would halt at 2.00 am opposite Thornhill; the driver would 'hoot' to get clearance into Dwelo.

This would awaken the Thornhill 'Married Patch' residents.

They called the train 'The Maternity Special'.

At 11 June 2013 at 10:06 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

Herby Nolan Writes:-

I wish to thank you for the very interesting article on Locomotives of Rhodesia, however, the information stopped at 1966. I was involved in the manufacture of the first Diesel Electric Locomotives in Rhodesia, the 1500 Class. This was a huge undertaking. The engines and electrics were imported, (breaking sanctions) the mainframes and all ancillary equipment were made in Rhodesia. I would be happy to give you more details if you so wish.

At 18 September 2013 at 16:19 , Blogger Unknown said...

I have a Rhodesian Railways brass boiler/smokebox plate with the large initials RR on the front. The rear is stamped '601' and I know this isn't the later re-numbered Garratt but an earlier loco. Any help identifying the loco would be appreciated.

At 27 April 2014 at 13:32 , Blogger Unknown said...

Hi iam looking for more information or pictures of the 13th class Garratt no.163 that collided with a explosive truck near Nkana . Thank you

At 12 August 2015 at 19:40 , Blogger VaMadziwa said...

interesting feats here

At 18 September 2021 at 18:34 , Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for a nice concise list with photos.


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