Friday 7 June 2013

Corrine Adds Glamour to Cargo

By Dave Vermaak (Air Rhodesia)

Two photographs from RH News of Dec. 1976. Just to illustrate that Gordon Hall enjoyed his days in Cargo and the  cockpit of the B720's had appeal for more than just the pilots!

Gosh - poor old Gordon!
 (Photo: Stuart Darke)
CORRINE PRINSLOO our retired Miss Rhodesia tries her hand at the controls of a Boeing 720
— her immediate reactions, super — we couldn't agree more.
 (Photo: Stuart Darke)

Thank you to Dave for sharing these excellent photographs. I wonder what happened to Corrine - if you know please send this notification onto her and it is from all her ORAFs fans.

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Ref. Rhodesia

The following reply was received:-

    Well didn't I get a surprise when I opened an email from Liz Evans this morning with the photos of me perched in a B720 plane at cargo Air Rhodesia. Wow it's certainly been awhile!!!

Well I moved to Australia in 1983 as a family and have lived in Brisbane ever since. Divorced many years ago. My son and daughter who are grow up now have finally left home a few months ago. I keep in touch with Alex Fraser Kirk who also lives in Brisbane.

Thought I'd send you an updated picture.

Kind regards
Corinne Doull (Prinsloo)

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At 13 January 2016 at 00:46 , Blogger BloggerMeLive said...

They were talking about this is a Facebook group, so happy to find the update here. Great fun :) Tried to subscribe ..... Unsure it worked.

At 13 January 2016 at 10:26 , Blogger Unknown said...

Found her , thank you so much


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