Thursday 11 April 2013

Weather Report


RELATIVELY high pressure over southern Mozambique combined with failing pressure over most of  South Africa will cause north- easterly winds across Rhodesia.

The air is fairly moist, but the convergence is still weak.

All areas: Cloudy, and warm to hot, with light or moderate north-easterly winds, Patches of rain or  thunder in the early morning, mainly towards the north and west. Afternoon and evening thundershowers should affect about 50 percent of places, but they will be more Isolated in the south and south-east. Only a few heavy falls seem likely.

Outlook: Rfeing pressure over Natal should cause a strengthening of the convergence tomorrow evening or on Tuesday. When this happens, the showers and storms should become heavier and more numerous, especially in the south;

Yesterday's Salisbury temperatures: Minimum 17 dega C maximum 28 deg. C. Forecast maximum for today about 27 deg C



Source: Sunday Mail 27th November, 1977 newspaper made available by Rob Picton (Intaf)
Thanks Rob

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