Saturday 13 April 2013

'The Seekers'

The popular Australian singing group The Seekers' arrive at Salisbury Airport, by Air Rhodesia. The Group, who were on the last leg of a world tour, spent four days in Rhodesia playing their unusual brand of folk-cum-pop music to packed audiences in both the capital Salisbury and Bulawayo, the industrial centre.

At the end of their highly successful Rhodesian tour The Seekers returned to London.

Left to Right: Judith Durham, Caroline Rowe (Air Rhodesia Ground Hostess), Athol Guy, Janis Easton (Air Rhodesia Ground Hostess) Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley.

Source. Inter-Africa (Central African Airways) Vol 6 No. 1 April 1967 which was made available to ORAFs by Dave Vermaak (Air Rhodesia) Thanks Dave

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Ref. Rhodesian Aviation


  1. Jeremy Boyd (RhAF) Writes:-
    What an incredible, pitch perfect voice that girl has got. Clear as a bell ........

  2. Keith Potger is my favorite among the seekers band.

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