Thursday 11 April 2013

The Maynard Trust (Educational Grants)

HE MAYNARD TRUST was founded by a Rhodesian for the purpose of "giving to the people of Rhodesia a greater sense of cultural kinship between that country and Great Britain; increasing their opportunity of understanding and partaking in cultural pursuits having a British character or feeling; and enabling them better to appreciate and to follow the British way of life".

The income of the Trust Funds is used' primarily "to assist youth of either sex wishing to continue their education at a university or other educational institution in the United Kingdom, who would not otherwise be able to afford it and whose declared intention it is to return to and reside in Rhodesia, by paying for or making payment towards the cost of their journey to and from Great Britain, their tuition fees and boarding fees, or one or more of such expenses, for a period not exceeding three years in any one case, or in exceptional cases for such further period as the Trustees shall think fit."

As the Trust's resources are strictly limited It is normally only possible for the Trustees to make grants to applicants who have a substantial part of their full requirements available from their own or other sources.

Persons wishing to apply for an educational grant of this nature for the academic year commencing October, 1978, are invited to write to:

The Secretaries of The Maynard Trust,
P.O. Box 8536, Causeway,

not later than 31st January, 1978.


Source: Sunday Mail 27th November, 1977 newspaper made available by Rob Picton (Intaf)
Thanks Rob

Sounds similar to the Sons of England (SOE) - wonder whatever happened to the Maynard Trust after Zimbabwe's Independence in April, 1980?

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