Monday 8 April 2013

Casino Gamble Pays Off Well (Montclair Hotel)

Casino Gamble Pays Off Well

Herald Reporter

MORE THAN 1000 people have already patronised Rhodesia's newest casino at the Montclair Hotel,

The $100 000 casino, which has been in operation for a month, was officially opened at the weekend by the former President of Rhodesia, Mr Clifford Dupont, with a spin on one of the three roulette tables.

The ceremony was attended by Mrs Dupont; Mrs Ann Lount, owner of the Montclair; Cabinet Ministers and other distinguished guests.

Mr Paddy Gobbett, resident general manager of the casino, said after the official opening that he was very pleased with the public response.

The first month's operations had shown a good return on investment and this would boost tourism in Inyanga as a whole.

Fifty-five percent of the profits will go to the Rhodesia National Tourist Board to help other hotels in the area affected by the security situation.

These hotels are Brondesbury Park, Holiday Hotel, Rhodes Inyanga and Troutbeck Inn.

The board will also be able to give special assistance to an hotel if necessary.

In addition to roulette, the casino, designed by Salisbury architect Frank Lincoln, offers poker, blackjack, chemin de fer and "one-armed bandits".


Source: Rhodesia Herald Newspaper, dated October 01, 1977 which was made available by Rob Picton (Intaf) Thanks Rob.

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