Sunday 31 March 2013

Linking Malawi and Zambia

At 12.55 hours on Thursday, January 5th, 1967, Zambia Airways Flight QZ 808 from Blantyre touched down at Lusaka Airport. This was an historic occasion for both Zambia and Malawi, as this was the first direct jet-prop Viscount flight between the capitals of these two countries.

This new once-weekly service reduces the distance between the two cities to a mere two hour flight, and has proved of considerable benefit to both businessmen and tourists.

To mark the event, first flight covers specially franked for the occasion and carried on the inaugural flight were sent out by Zambia Airways and Air Malawi to Government officials, Business houses and Travel Agencies in both countries.

With this new service, both Airlines in association with Central African Airways are confident of fulfilling evermore effectively their obligations to the travelling public.


Source. Inter-Africa (Central African Airways) Vol 6 No. 1 April 1967 which was made available to ORAFs by Dave Vermaak (Air Rhodesia) Thanks Dave

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Ref. Rhodesian Aviation

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