Monday 21 January 2013

The Late Bob Carmody

By Deb Addison

Belvedere Airport has recently been mentioned a bit, so here is a photograph of my father, the late Bob Carmody, who was an Air Traffic Controller with the Department of Civil Aviation.

This photo was taken on 01 July 1953, in the Control Tower at Belvedere Airport.

The late Bob Carmody

There are still a few people out there who will remember him.

My husband Allan has been involved with Mashonaland Flying Club since 1958, and I have been since about 1965, when I was working for Dept of Civil Aviation as an Air Traffic Control Assistant, at Mt Hampden Airport, now Charles Prince Airport.

We used to work at Mt Hampden for about 6 weeks and then Salisbury for 6 weeks etc etc. I worked for Dept Civil Aviation from 1964-1984. I loved my job, and worked with so many wonderful people, but eventually took early retirement. 

My Dad worked as an Air Traffic Controller starting at Belvedere Airport in 1951 and ending up in the Air Traffic Control Training School , until he took early retirement due to medical reasons in 1973. 

I have been working as Manager of Mashonaland Flying Club since 1999.

We still have most of the Committee Meeting minutes since the 1950s and quite a few magazines which used to be produced. I will have to try to do something for you regarding them.


Thanks to Deb for sharing her photograph and memories with ORAFs.

ORAFs looks forward to receiving further information on the treasures (old magazines) you have.

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