Wednesday 24 November 2010

UK Service of Remembrance 2010

Sunday 14th November 2010
Westminster, England

Along with six others Blue Jobs, (fond term for members of the Rhodesian Air Force) Beryl and I had intended as usual to attend the Rhodesian Remembrance Sunday Parade, Unfortunately an operation on my hand done five days earlier turned out to be more complicated and debilitating than expected. Consequently the planned drive to London to stay with our granddaughter before the parade had to be abandoned because I realised that Beryl would find elements of the route somewhat taxing.

Having expended so much effort in preparing the Rhodesian Air Force Colours, I was particularly disappointed to miss seeing it paraded for the first time in 30 years. Happily the parade went well and Rick Singleton (the Colours Bearer) kindly sent me photographs of the occasion.

The Colours were first paraded following presentation by President Clifford Du Pont at New Sarum.

UK 1
28 November 1972

Above is a photograph of that presentation to the first Colours Bearer, Flying Officer Mike Mulligan. This and many other photographs were studied in detail to get the correct design and dimensions for manufacture of the Colours that were paraded in London on 14 November 2010.

They will shortly be on show in the RhodAF ( Rhodesian Air Force) section of the amazing RLI Museum display at Bedford. Rick Singleton will be assisting Martyn Hudson (RLI) with RhodAF matters.

UK 2
Blue Jobs left to right:
Pauline Pietersen, Rick Singelton. Ed Pietersen, Lesley Singleton, Norman Frodsham, Cindy Frodsham

UK 3

Colours raised during the service led by Major the Revd. TJ Mesley-Spong standing slightly forward of the officiating party on left. Beyond are people visiting the field of Remembrance at St. Margaret’s Church, part of which is in the immediate background and hiding the Houses of Parliament.

UK 4

The Rhodesian section of the Field of Remembrance is immediately behind the officiating party.

Peter Petter-Bowyer

Iain Harper, Editor of the Rhodesian Army Association, Lion and Tusk Magazine also sent in a few photos and writes:-

The officiating Vicar was Terry Mesley-Spong former BSAP and now a vicar in Christchurch, Dorset.

This year he was assisted by the Right Rev Robert Mercer, former Bishop of Matabeleland (ex Rfn 2RRR).

The Rhodesian Army Association has the Rhodesia Plot at the Field and we have our own Service followed by a Luncheon. Around 120 people gathered for the service this year.

UK 5

UK 6

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Thanks to Peter Petter-Bowyer and Iain Harper for sharing their memories and photos of a very special day to us all.

Thanks to Rick, from all ORAFs, for completing this special parade and doing us all proud

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