Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Double-Storey Hut.

By A. E. Snowden

Double-Storey Hut

The photograph, shows a double-storey hut situated on "Paradise" farm, Marandellas, Rhodesia, the property of Dr. MacLaran.

It was built some years ago by a Mohammedan Native named Tsimba of the Ayao tribe from Lake Nyasa. He vacated this dwelling about three years ago.

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Material supplied by Nick Baalbergen. Thanks Nick
The article, which appeared in the 1938 edition of NADA. Unfortunately because of the age of the paper and the quality of the print, the scan quality is poor.
NADA is an acronym for Native Affairs Department Annual and became the de facto name of the publication from its first edition in 1923 to about 1980.

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