Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another Rhodesian Spook House

By Lewis Walter (Intaf)

The stories about the "Spook House" are very interesting. There was however another another "Spook House".........

This was some miles from Salisbury on the Fort Victoria road, about half-way to the Hunyani River. It was on the right hand side of the road, and on a little knoll. The main structure was basically circular, with other bits and pieces added. It had a very gloomy aspect. I first encountered it as a kid about 1941-42, when we used to cycle out to the Hunyani. (Anyone remember the "Hunyani Queen" which used to take passengers for rides up and down the river ?)

The house was always empty, and the story was that a dreadful murder had taken place in it. I saw it again periodically over the years, the last occasion being on my final visit to Zimbabwe in 2004. I walked through the empty rooms of the abandoned and derelict house. Everything of value had been torn out - light fittings, plumbing, door handles - but surprisingly there was no sign of squatter occupation. Confirmation of its being haunted ?

There must be stories of other haunted houses in Rhodesia.


Thanks to Lewis sharing this story with ORAFs.

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